About Me

I’m Michelle Leanne, owner of charmed vibes, nurse and mother of two beautiful boys wishing you a warm welcome.

Charmed Vibes was inspired by the never ending swooning over designer shoes I was unable (and unwilling) to pay thousands of dollars for. What I realized it was about them were the details, the extras, the flare they exuded.

One pair of heels that drew my attention had a cute star charm attached to the ankle strap and I realized it was the charm I wanted. I already had a similar pair of heels but that adorable dangling charm made me decide that I could make my own charms and add them to any of my boots and shoes! 

In order to make the bows I skipped down to my local fabric store and shopped (a lot) for material that made my heart pitter patter and created pieces that can add that same " je ne sais quoi " to your shoes, but for much less. While playing around with the clips on the bows I noticed they also work to dress up your belt or purse making them versatile accessories. 

Fashion is exciting and dress based on my mood whether it be edgy, feminine, sporty or chic. Rocking a new outfit I feel amazing ~ it can be powerful however,  NOT when it breaks the bank. Purchasing several sets of shoes adds up including increasing your carbon footprint, not to mention the amount of closet space it can require! 

Charmed Vibes thus strives to offer a variety of accessories and adornments for your boots, shoes, bags and belts. This will allow you to easily and frequently switch up your look and transform your shoes into the style or vibe required for that day without having to buy new pairs.

You know your shoes, that they fit, are comfortable and now you can dress them up in endless ways. Tired of the same purse? Add a stylish bow or scarf and you're good to go.  It’s a game changer for your outfit all around for a fraction of the price or new shoes and clothes. 

I thank you in advance for any and all patience as Charmed Vibes is in Bambi stage, getting her feet out from under her while she blossoms into the business we hope she can be to provide you with a stylish, expressive, and cost effective way to upgrade your shoes and outfit. 

Much Love, 

Michelle Leanne